W-Band Down-converter

75 to 110 GHz RF Input, 6 GHz to 41 GHz IF Output, WR-10 Waveguide
Availability:6 to 8 Weeks ARO
STC-75311405-10-C1 is a W-Band down-converter that converts millimeterwave signals from the frequency range of 75 to 110 GHz to the baseband at 6 to 41 GHz. The down-converter has a built-in phase locked oscillator (PLO), which is externally referenced at 10 MHz. The down converter also integrates a PIN diode based SPDT switch at the RF input for bypassing in order to monitor the receiving signal level. The switch is controlled by TTL signal and the bypassing “on” is at TTL “Low.” The bypassing loss is 4 dB typical and 6 dB maximum. The RF ports for the downconverter is WR-10 waveguides with UG-387/U-M flange. The IF output is a K(F) connector and PLO reference signal input connector is an SMA (F) connector. A wall mount AC adapter is included for AC powering.
ECCN: 3A001.b.4
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Technical Details

Minimum RF Frequency75 GHz
Maximum RF Frequency110 GHz
Minimum IF Frequency6 GHz
Maximum IF Frequency41 GHz
Minimum LO Frequency-
Maximum LO Frequency-
DC Bias+12 VDC/750 mA
RF PortWR-10 Waveguide