Our vision is to enable RF engineers to create the technology of the future by making millimeter wave accessible.


We’re on a mission to design and manufacture high-performance components and subassemblies that support engineers working on traditional and emerging applications for millimeter-wave technology. We are as committed to delivering a quality product as we are to delivering a quality customer experience.


Eravant, located in Torrance, California, operates from a 60,000-square-foot design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing facility focused on supplying a global customer base with millimeter wave and sub-THz (18 to 330 GHz) components, subassemblies, and test equipment. Eravant is known for supporting the customer every step of the way from lab set-up, to R&D and prototype, and through program or volume production.

We are an AS9100D certified, ITAR-registered, women-owned small business designing and manufacturing in the United States. The company’s vision is to make millimeter wave and sub-THz accessible by lowering budget, knowledge, and experience barriers so more engineers and scientists can work to realize the technology of the future.


Eravant is built around the idea that purpose can be found in the pursuit of potential. We were established as SAGE Millimeter, Inc. in 2011 by two founders who wanted to continue serving the industry that gave them their life’s work. They imagined creating a space where they could share their knowledge with the next generation of RF hardware engineers.

Today, Eravant launches more than engineering careers. It brings outsiders into the world of RF. Our team comprises men and women of diverse backgrounds, all of them key in realizing our mission to help our customers enable the technology of the future. Our core values speak to pursuing our potential as individuals and as a team. We are customer-centric, results-driven and constantly striving.