Eravant believes that our technology should be accessible to anyone willing to face the unique challenges of working at
mmW and sub-THz frequencies, but high-quality millimeter wave hardware doesn’t fit every budget.
That’s why we're launching our Wellprice models at up to 60% off standard cost.

New products and innovation can outpace inventory depletion, and Wellprice models serve the dual purpose
of streamlining our product offering and while making hardware affordable. It’s a win-win that supports
our vision of lowering key barriers to millimeter wave.

frequently Asked Questions

Why are there Wellprice models?

Wellprice models exist for several reasons, but the top reason is because Eravant’s catalog is constantly evolving due to updated technology and innovation. Our organization invests in a promise of low lead-times, so our new product releases can sometimes outpace the depletion of our inventory. Rather than offer the older models adjacent to the newer release, the Wellprice category allows us to help the industry while keeping our portfolio optimized.

Some products may also be categorized as Wellprice because of small cosmetic blemishes. Cosmetic blemishes include things like dings, nicks, or scuffs that do not affect electrical performance and carry no risk of further deterioration. These models will carry a suffix of “-WPC” for full transparency.

How long will the sale last?

Eravant Wellprice Models are here to stay! The Wellprice Models are a permanent addition to the website.

What if I need more than what is available or want more in the future?

While Wellprice Models have limited stock, there is often a standard model equivalent. For help contact

Do I need an account?

An account IS required to view Wellprice pricing. However, account holders enjoy special features like wishlists, pricing on standard models, order history, and order tracking.

Click Here to create an Eravant account.

What are the quality standards for Wellprice models?

All Wellprice models will be subject to our standard final inspection process with consideration for qualifying cosmetic blemishes.


A warranty period of three (3) months will be applied to all Wellprice sales.