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The waveguide, along with the coaxial line, is one of the most important transmission media in any modern RF, microwave and millimeter-wave component, and sub-assembly and ...

Corner Reflectors

The corner reflector is a passive device used to directly reflect radio waves back toward the emission source. Therefore, the corner reflector is a useful device for radar system calibration.

Doppler Radar Target Simulator

Eravant offers Radar Target Simulator for Doppler Radar System Calibrations and Testing in the frequency range of 24 to 94 GHz. The simulator is based on Single Side Band ...

Reintroduction to Gunn Oscillators

The semiconductor used in the Gunn oscillator is called the "Gunn diode." The Gunn diode is a two-terminal "negative" resistance device. The Gunn diode is also referred to as ...