1. How do I place an order?

Orders may be placed through our website, via email, or via telephone. Customers must create an account to order through our website. Purchase orders may be sent to or submitted to a sales team member during business hours at 424-757-0168. All orders need to be acknowledged by an Eravant team member in writing via formal order acknowledgment.

2. How do I pay for an order?

Eravant accepts bank wires/ACH, checks, and all major credit cards. A 4.0% credit card surcharge is added to all credit card transactions. Eravant grants Net 30 terms to customer accounts that have been approved through our credit application process. Speak with your account manager or a sales team member to request an application.

3. Do I need to pay sales tax?

Generally speaking, customers who are using our products outside of California will not be charged sales tax. Customers with shipping addresses in California may submit a California Resale Certificate to to be exempt from sales tax.

4. Why do I need an account?

Customers may view pricing and place orders only when they have a verified and approved account registered on our website. Other conveniences like order history are also available exclusively to account holders.

5. Why do I need to wait for my account to be approved?

An Eravant sales team member will review all details in a customer account application to verify that all accounts belong to a legitimate business entity. This policy is in place for business, security, and export compliance reasons. Accounts are generally approved within one (1) business day.

6. Is shipping free?

Shipping is not included in the prices listed and the shipping cost during checkout is an estimate and will change upon order processing. The customer will need to provide a shipping account number (UPS, FedEx, DHL) and inform our sales team the shipping service preferred (Overnight, Standard, etc.). Orders can also be shipped Pre-Pay & Add (PP&A). In these cases, the final invoice will carry an additional line item with the additional total applied.

7. Can my order be expedited?

Perhaps! If your order is time sensitive, please call our office to speak with a sale team member. Our ability to expedite orders will depend on material and factory availability.

8. How do I track my order?

Our team works to ship all orders before or by the acknowledged order date. Customers will receive an e-mail from the courier once a shipping label has been created for the shipment and tracking will update in your purchase history. Customers may also contact their account manager to request a shipping label or tracking number.

9. How are return requests handled?

Return requests can be submitted through our RMA Request portal. If an RMA number is issued, the customer should return the item to our factory for evaluation. Our technicians and engineers will complete a Non-Conformance Report (NCR) that describes the defect and the suggested action. Warranty repairs are initiated immediately after the NCR is complete, but non-warranty repairs require an additional Purchase Order from customer. An Eravant customer service representative will send customer a pricing quote for the repair work. If customer chooses not to proceed with the repair, an evaluation fee will be invoiced instead.

10. Will there be export paperwork?

Only the sale of EAR99 items to a United States address will be free from any export compliance paperwork. However, the paperwork that is required for other orders is very simple, and a customer service associate can guide all customers through the process if necessary. In rare cases, an export license may be required for a shipment. These can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. An Eravant team member works closely with the customer through this process.

11. How can I submit special requests regarding my order?

Any special requests that accompany a purchase order should be highlighted and sent to We will do our best to accommodate special requests that are received after order acknowledgement, but requests that amount to a contract modification will require an amendment to the formal order acknowledgement before being processed.