WR-28 Uni-Guide™ Waveguide Connector

Ka-Band, Ø12 Mil Pin, 0.48” Mounting
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SUF-2812-480-S1 is a Eravant trademarked Uni-Guide™, patented universal WR-28 waveguide connector to providing a standard waveguide interface from the standard coaxial glass bead pin to cover the frequency range of 24 to 44 GHz. The connector offers an efficient standard waveguide interface without any mechanical modifications. This waveguide connector is interchangeable with standard two-hole 2.92 mm (K) or 2.4 mm coax connectors with a mounting hole separation of 0.48” and a 12-mil diameter pin. This waveguide connector is not only designed for Eravant’s standard products, but also for many industrial standard microwave and millimeter wave products. Like the coax connector offering a coaxial RF interface, this waveguide connector provides a direct waveguide RF interface. Other waveguide connectors with different glass bead pin sizes, such as 9, 15, 20 and 50 mils, different mounting hole separations, various mechanical designs, and other frequency bands in the frequency range of 8.2 to 110 GHz are offered under different model numbers. The Uni-Guide™ helps to eliminate waveguide interfaced product development cycle time, reduce inventory management efforts, offer various port configurations/orientations, and preserve hermetical packaging without introducing an expensive waveguide window sealing process.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency24 GHz
Maximum Frequency44 GHz
Insertion Loss0.5 dB
Return Loss20 dB
Power Handling100 W