W-Band Single Channel, Ranging Sensor Module

94 GHz, Bias Tuned
SSP-94310-S1-B is a W band ranging sensor module based on FMCW radar principles. This sensor module is designed and manufactured for measurements of a moving or stationary target's speed and distance. The sensor module has a center frequency of 94 GHz and takes a nominal bias of +4.0 VDC/650 mA. The frequency modulation bandwidth of ±250 MHz is realized via a bias tuned Gunn oscillator. The advantages of implementing bias tuned oscillator are the lower cost and consistent frequency tuning linearity which are both desirable for volume production. The sensor module is configured with a bias tuned oscillator, an isolator, a directional coupler, a circulator and a balanced mixer. The directional coupler is used to sample the LO power to pump the mixer, and the circulator is used as a TX/RX diplexer. Various antennas can be integrated with the module to form sensor heads for many system applications.
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Technical Details

RF Center Frequency94 GHz
TX Power+10 dBm
FMCW Tuning Bandwidth±250 MHz
Minimum IF FrequencyDC
Maximum IF Frequency1 GHz
Frequency Stability-6.0 MHz/°C
DC Bias+4.0 VDC/650 mA