W-Band Noise Source with Faraday Isolator

65 to 116 GHz, 12 dB High ENR, WR-10 Waveguide
STZ-65312412-10-I1 is an extended W-Band noise source that delivers a 12 dB ENR with extreme flatness across the frequency range of 65 to 116 GHz. The noise source is integrated with SAGE Millimeter’s high-quality Faraday isolator (STF-10-S1) to improve the port return loss and load pull for more reliable and accurate noise figure measurements. The noise source can work in either CW or pulse AM mode by applying a TTL triggering signal via a female SMA connector. This feature can also be used in automatic test systems to remotely turn the noise source on and off. In addition, a toggle switch (power/triggering inversion switch) is provided to turn the noise source on and off manually.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency65 GHz
Maximum Frequency116 GHz
ENR12 dB
ENR Flatness±1.5 dB
Temperature Stability0.01 dB/°C
Long Term Temperature Stability0.05 dB/day
DC Bias+28 VDC/60 mA
RF OutputWR-10 Waveguide