E-Band, VNA Frequency Extender, Tx/Rx Module with Attenuator

60 to 90 GHz, 120 dB Dynamic Range, 10.00 to 15.00 GHz Input, +15 dBm Output Power, WR-12 Waveguide, High Power
STO-1220315-CM-E1 is an E-Band vector network analyzer (VNA) frequency extender Tx/Rx designed to achieve full 1-port, S-parameter testing at 60 to 90 GHz. The Tx/Rx module includes a precision micrometer adjustable attenuator with 30 dB tuning range. It is compatible with modern vector network analyzers such as the Rohde & Schwarz ZNA, Anritsu VectorStar™, Keysight PNA-X Series, and Copper Mountain CobaltFx. The VNA needs dual sources to be extended. The frequency extender can achieve a dynamic range up to 120 dB for certain passive products that require high rejection, isolation, and return loss testing such as directional couplers, orthomode transducers, and filters. An AC to DC Power adapter and a Proxi-Flange™ Contactless Flange (STQ-WG-12025-FB-CF), are included. The Eravant calibration kit (STQ-TO-12-S1-CKIT1) and Wave-Glide™ Rail System (STQ-TL-RW-S10-M1) are highly recommended to complete the E-Band VNA test. VNA extender is packaged individually in a rugged equipment box with additional hardware and tools.

Eravant also offers alternative extender modules that pair with the 9 GHz CobaltFx VNAs from Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT). The complete mmWave test system is the most affordable solution available. To explore this option, click HERE. To learn more about purchasing a 9 GHz CobaltFx VNA, please visit the Copper Mountain Technologies website.
ECCN: 3A001.b.4
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency60 GHz
Maximum Frequency90 GHz
Test Port Output Power+15 dBm
Output Power Control Range30 dB
Dynamic Range120 dB
Minimum Input Frequency10.00 GHz
Maximum Input Frequency15.00 GHz
RF Source Input Power0 dBm
LO Source Input Power+3 dBm
RF PortWR-12 Waveguide