Broadband Quadrature Mixer

6 to 26.5 GHz, DC to 5 GHz IF, +18 dBm LO Power, 2.92 mm (F)
SFQ-06327315-KFKFSF-N1-M is a broadband quadrature mixer that covers the frequency range of 6 to 26.5 GHz. The typical conversion loss of the quadrature mixer is 15 dB with an LO driving power of +18 dBm. The typical LO to RF port isolation is 30 dB. Since the IF port of the quadrature mixer is DC coupled, the mixer can be used as a phase detector. In addition, the mixer can be readily configured into an image rejection mixer or single sideband modulator by adding an IF quadrature coupler.
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Technical Details

Minimum RF Frequency6 GHz
Maximum RF Frequency26.5 GHz
Minimum LO Frequency6 GHz
Maximum LO Frequency26.5 GHz
Minimum IF FrequencyDC
Maximum IF Frequency5 GHz
LO Pumping Power+18 dBm
Conversion Loss15 dB
RF Port2.92 mm (F)