J-Band, VNA Frequency Extender, Tx Module

220 to 330 GHz, 80 dB Dynamic Range, 9.17 to 13.75 GHz Input, -12 dBm Output Power, WR-03 Waveguide
STO-03203N05-T-E1 is a compact J-Band vector network analyzer (VNA) frequency extender transmit (Tx/Ref) module that extends lower frequency VNA signals to 220 to 330 GHz. It is compatible with modern vector network analyzers such as Rohde & Schwarz ZNA, Anritsu VectorStar™, Keysight PNA-X Series, and Copper Mountain CobaltFx. The VNA needs dual sources to be extended. This frequency extender, when paired with compatible receiver, can achieve a dynamic range up to 80 dB and can be used to measure one-path transmission (S21 or S12) through DUT. An AC to DC Power adapter and a Proxi-Flange™ Contactless Flange (STQ-WG-03025-FB-CF), are included. The Eravant calibration kit (STQ-TO-03-S1-CKIT1) and Wave-Glide™ Rail System (STQ-TL-RW-S10-M1) are highly recommended to complete the J-Band VNA test set. VNA extender is packaged individually in a rugged equipment box with additional hardware and tools.
ECCN: 3A001.b.7
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency2200 GHz
Maximum Frequency330 GHz
Test Port Output Power-12 dBm
Output Power Control RangeN/A
Dynamic Range80 dB
Minimum Input Frequency9.17 GHz
Maximum Input Frequency13.75 GHz
RF Source Input Power0 dBm
LO Source Input Power3 dBm
RF PortWR-03 Waveguide