WR-05, WR-06, WR-08, WR-10, WR-12, WR-15 Waveguide Short

G-Band, D-Band, F-Band, W-Band, E-Band, V-Band, Fixed
Availability:3 Days ARO
SWS-VG-F1 is a fixed waveguide short with a UG-387/U-M flange that can support WR-15 through WR-05 waveguides. The waveguide short is manufactured through a precision machining process to ensure high quality and ruggedness. The short also offers good reflectivity. A tunable short for phase adjustments is available under a different model number. SWS-VG-F1 can support even higher bands from WR-04 up to WR-01.
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Technical Details

Applicable BandsWR-15, WR-12, WR-10, WR-08, WR-06, WR-05
Waveguide FlangeUG-387/U-M
Waveguide Short TypeFixed