Metrology Grade Straight Waveguide Section, Limited Run

WR-08 Waveguide, 90 to 140 GHz, 2.5"
This is a Limited Run model, so inventory may not be restocked. Customers who anticipate long-term requirements should consider STQ-WG-08025-FB-CF as an alternative solution. Read more about Limited Run Products here.

STQ-WG-08025-F1-A-R is a 2.5” long, F-band straight waveguide section with a WR-08 waveguide and UG-387/U-M precision anti-cocking circular flanges. The straight waveguide is designed and manufactured with a precision machining process to ensure high quality and ruggedness for metrology applications. The extended length and enhanced waveguide section are particularly considered for ease DUT (device under testing) connections and stress sustaining.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency90 GHz
Maximum Frequency140 GHz
Waveguide SizeWR-08 Waveguide
Insertion Length2.5"