90° E-Plane Waveguide Bend, Precision Machined

WR-05 Waveguide, G Band, 0.75" Bend Radius
STQ-WB-05090-E1 is a 90°, WR-05 E-plane waveguide bend with UG-387/U-M Anti-Cocking flanges. The bend radius is 0.75”. The waveguide bend covers the frequency range of 140 to 220 GHz. The waveguide bend is manufactured with precision machining as a split-block body, which results in a robust, reinforced mechanical structure that will not flex or bend compared to traditional waveguide sections made with thin-wall tubing and brazed joints. Other bend angles and bend radius are available under different model numbers.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency140 GHz
Maximum Frequency220 GHz
Angle90 Degrees
OrientationE-Plane Bend
Bend Radius/Length0.75"
Waveguide SizeWR-05