Dielectric Resonator Oscillator

37 GHz, ±50 MHz Tuning Range, +13 dBm Output Power, 2.92 mm (F)
SOD-37301213-KF-S4 is a mechanically tuned, dielectric resonator oscillator with a center frequency of 37 GHz and a mechanical tuning range of ±50 MHz. The oscillator delivers a nominal output power of +13 dBm with a low phase noise and harmonic emissions. The oscillator takes a +8 VDC/500 mA DC bias. The RF output is equipped with K(F) connector. Other versions with WG-28 or WR-22 are also available under the models SOD-37301213-28-S1 and SOD-37301213-22-S1, respectively.
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Technical Details

Center Frequency37 GHz
Output Power+13 dBm
Mechanical Tuning Range±50 MHz
Phase Noise-90 dBc/Hz @ 100 KHz Offset
Spurious-60 dBc
Harmonics-25 dBc
Bias+8 VDC/500 mA
RF Port2.92 mm (F)