W-Band Single Channel, Ranging Sensor Module

94 GHz,+10 dBm Transmitting Power
SSP-94310-S1 is a W band ranging sensor module based on FMCW radar principles. This sensor module is designed and manufactured for measurements of a moving or stationary target's speed and distance. The sensor module has a center frequency of 94 GHz and takes a nominal bias of +4.5 VDC/650 mA. The frequency modulation bandwidth of ±250 MHz is realized via a tuning voltage of 0 to +25 Volts. The sensor module is configured with a Varactor tuned oscillator, an isolator, a directional coupler, a circulator, and a balanced mixer. The directional coupler is used to sample the LO power to pump the mixer, and the circulator is used as a TX/RX diplexer. Various antennas can be integrated with the module to form sensor heads for many system applications.
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Technical Details

RF Center Frequency94 GHz
TX Power+10 dBm
FMCW Tuning Bandwidth±250 MHz
FMCW Tuning Voltage0 to +25 Volts
Minimum IF FrequencyDC
Maximum IF Frequency5000 MHz
Frequency Stability-6.0 MHz/°C
DC Bias+4.5 VDC/650 mA