W-Band Receiver

90 to 96 GHz, 5 dB Noise Figure, 30 dB RF to IF Conversion Gain
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SSR-9330634030-10-M1-I is a W-Band image rejected receiver. The receiver has a typical conversion gain of 30 dB with a typical RF input power of -60 dBm in the frequency range of 90 to 96 GHz and an IF output frequency range of 5 to 11 GHz. The receiver has a built-in x8 multiplier which requires a typical input LO power and frequency of +5 dBm and 10.625 GHz, respectively. With the built-in IF hybrid, the receiver typically offers a 20 dB image rejection level. The LO and IF port are both equipped with female SMA connectors and the RF port is a WR-10 waveguide with a UG-387/U-M flange.
ECCN: 3A001.b.4
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Technical Details

RF Input Minimum Frequency90 GHz
RF Input Maximum Frequency96 GHz
Conversion Gain30 dB
LO Frequency10.875 GHz
LO Input Power5 dBm
Bias Voltage8 VDC
RF PortWR-10 Waveguide