Level Setting Radar Target Simulator

WR-12, DC to 250 MHz I/Q Frequency, 30 dB Carrier Rejection, 20 dB Image Rejection
STR-793-12-L1 is a radar doppler simulator that operates at 78.5 GHz with a bandwidth of ±2.5 GHz and a WR-12 waveguide input/output. The simulator utilizes a single-sideband-modulator to modulate the incoming signal transmitted by the radar under test and sends back either a higher or lower band signal through a diplexer. The frequency-shifted signal is transmitted back to the radar under test as the Doppler signal. Target characteristics can be adjusted by changing the I and Q channel frequency and phase. Siglent’s SDG1032X Waveform Generator or equivalent is recommended. The routing attenuation is adjusted by the level setting attenuator, which can be calibrated to simulate the radar cross section (RCS).
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Technical Details

Frequency76 to 81 GHz
RF Bandwidth±2.5 GHz
Carrier Rejection30 dB
Image Rejection20 dB
I/Q Frequency MinimumDC
I/Q Frequency Maximum250 MHz
RF PortWR-12 Waveguide
I/Q PortsSMA (F)