FMCW Transceiver Assembly

76 to 86.4 GHz, +10 dBm TX Power, +0 dBm Input Power, 6 dB Noise Figure
SSK-SC763863-12-C1 is an E band, FMCW bi-static radar transceiver assembly. The transceiver input is 9.5 GHz to 10.8 GHz at 0 dBm. It converts this to 76.0 to 86.4 GHz through a X2 and X4 multiplier for LO and TX signals. A waveguide filter is implemented to clean the unwanted harmonic and spurious, and a directional coupler is used to separate the transmitter and receiver LO paths. The transceiver includes two rectangular horns with 20 dB typical gain. The typical transmitting power is +10 dBm and the conversion gain and noise figure of the receiver are 16 dB and 6.0 dB typically. The transceiver assembly requires +8 VDC at 1,000 mA DC bias. The assembly uses SMA (F) connectors for both LO and IF ports.
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Technical Details

SpecificationsTX Frequency: 76 to 86.4 GHz
TX Power: +10 dBm
Input Frequency: 9.5 to 10.8 GHz
Input Power: +0 dBm
RX Frequency: 76 to 86.4 GHz
RX Noise Figure: 6 dB
RX Conversion Gain: 16 dB
IF Frequency: DC to 10 GHz
DC Supply Voltage: +8 Vdc/1,000 mA
IF Input: SMA (F)
LO Input: SMA (F)
Bias and Others: Solder Pins