E-Band Dual Channel Down Converter

72 to 84 GHz, -100 dBm Rx Input Power, 4.5 dB Noise Figure
SSK-SR723843-12-C1 is an E band, dual-channel down converter. The down converter takes a 72 or 84 GHz signal at -100 dBm power and down converts each signal to 6 GHz. The system incorporates a leading LNA to minimized noise figure and a diplexer so that 72 and 84 GHz can be down converted to seperate IF ports. The LO uses an externally source at 9.75 GHz and an internal 8x multiplier to reach 78 GHz to pump its down converters. Two stages of IF amplification provide 70 dB of gain. The 6 GHz coaxial filter is implemented to clean any unwanted harmonic or spurious signals. The down converter assembly has a nominal IF output power of 0 dBm and the conversion gain of 100 dB and noise figure of 4.5 dB, respectively. The down converter assembly requires +8 VDC/875 mA and +12 VDC/700 mA DC bias typically. The ports are WR-12 waveguides for the input RF and female SMA connectors for both LO and IF ports.
ECCN: 3A001.b.4
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Technical Details

SpecificationsRx Frequency: 72 to 84 GHz
Rx Input Power: -100 dBm
Rx Noise Figure: 4.5 dB
LO Frequency: 9.75 GHz
LO Power: +6 dBm
IF Frequency: 6 GHz
IF Power 0 dBm
Rx Conversion Gain: 100 dB
VSWR: 2:1
IF Output: SMA (F)
LO Input: SMA (F)