E-Band Eight Channel FMCW Transceiver

70 to 75 GHz, 10 dB Antenna Gain, +12 dBm TX EIRP, -20 dBc Harmonics
SSC-7337331202-1212-B1 is an E band eight channel FMCW transceiver module operating at 70 to 75 GHz. The transceiver is constructed with a digitally controlled synthesizer, consisting of multipliers for transmitters and receivers, a single side band modulator, a SP4T switch for transmitter and four I/Q mixers for the receivers. The transceiver also includes eight rectangular horns with 10 dB typical gain. The transmitting power of the transmitters is +2 dBm typical for each channel and the conversion loss of the receivers is 12 dB typically. The transceiver assembly requires a typical +6 VDC/ 2.3 A DC bias.
ECCN: 3A001.b.7
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Technical Details

SpecificationsDDS Synthesizer Frequency Range: 70 to 75 GHz
RF Power Output: +14 dBm
Phase Noise: -52 dBc/Hz@100 Hz Offset, 65 dBc/Hz@1 KHz Offset, 70 dBc/Hz@10 KHz Offset, 85 dBc/Hz@100 KHz Offset
Sweep Time: 100 us
Harmonics: -20 dBc
Frequency Stability: +/-2.5 PPM
RF Connector: SMA (M)
DC Bias: +6 Vdc / 2,300 mA
DC Bias Port: Solder Pin
Control Port: Sub-D (Serial)