V-Band Transmitter Sub-Assembly

54 to 64 GHz, 34 dBm EIRP
SST-5931031914-15-C1-HU1 is an V-Band transmitter sub-assembly integrated over a baseplate. The transmitter has a typical LO to TX gain of 14 dB with a typical EIRP of +34 dBm in the frequency range of 54 to 64 GHz. The transmitter includes a X8 multiplier chain and requires +5 dBm input at the frequency range of 6.75 to 8 GHz. Isolator provides 28 dB typical isolation between RF and LO ports. The transmitter includes conical horn antenna (SAC-1533-141-S2) with 15 dBi gain and RHCP polarization which can be switched by reversing polarizer direction. The LO port is equipped with female SMA.
ECCN: 3A001.b.4
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Technical Details

SpecificationsOutput Frequency: 54 to 64 GHz
TX Output Power: +19 dBm
TX EIRP: +34 dBm
LO to TX Linear Gain: 14 dB
Horn Antenna Gain: 15 dBi
LO Input Power: +5 dBm
Variable Attenuation Range: 30 dB
RF Output: Conical Horn