V-Band Balanced Mixer

50 to 75 GHz, DC to 25 GHz IF, +13 dBm LO Power, +10 dBm Input P1dB, WR-15 Waveguide
Availability:3 to 5 Days ARO
SFB-15-N1-M is a V Band balanced mixer that utilizes a high-performance GaAs pHEMT-based MMIC chip to offer superior RF performance. The mixer supports the full waveguide band operation from 50 to 75 GHz for both LO and RF ports. The mixer also supports an extremely broad bandwidth of IF from DC to 25 GHz. The mixer offers a typical conversion loss of 8 dB at center frequency of 62.5 GHz and a high input P1dB of +10 dBm when the LO port is pumped at +13 dBm. The mixer is ideal for high linearity system where high input P-1dB is required.
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Technical Details

Minimum RF Frequency50 GHz
Maximum RF Frequency75 GHz
Minimum LO Frequency50 GHz
Maximum LO Frequency75 GHz
Minimum IF FrequencyDC
Maximum IF Frequency25 GHz
LO Pumping Power+13 dBm
RF PortWR-15 Waveguide