V-Band Transceiver

50 to 75 GHz, 0 dBm IF Input Power, +12 dBm Typical Transmit Output Power
SSC-6336337012-SFSF-S1-NU2 is a V-Band tranceiver sub-assembly integrated over a baseplate. The transmitter includes a single-side-band modulator and a higher power amplfier to convert an IF fequency of 1 to 2 GHz to 50 to 75 GHz with 38 dB gain and +12 dBm output power. With a 15 dBi gain horn antenna, the EIRP of the transmitter is +27 dBm. The receiver includes a quadrature mixer and a low noise amplfier to achieve 18 dB small signal gain and 25 dB side band rejection. The transceiver LO is realized via an active x6 multiplier and a filter chain to convert a -3 dBm input power in the frequency range of 8.33 to 12.50 GHz to generate the the 50 to 75 GHz power to satisfy the TX/RX modulator’s and mixer’s requirements. A level setting attenuator is offered to control the output power level with 30 dB control range. The sub-assembly includes an orthomode transducer as an TX/RX diplexer to realize the monn-static operation.
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Technical Details

TX RF Minimum Frequency50 GHz
TX RF Maximum Frequency75 GHz
TX Output Power+12 dBm
Conversion Loss-13 dB
LO Input Power-3 dBm
RF PortSMA Female