Specialized Omnidirectional Antenna Mounting Fixture

5.7" Diameter, 18.5", Designed for SAO-2734030810-28-S1, SAO-2734030810-KF-S1
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SAX-ME5700-C1-18.5 is a mounting fixture for Eravant's SAO-2734030810-28-S1 and SAO-2734030810-KF-S1 omnidirectional antennas. The mount has 0.20" diameter holes, which allow for 10-32 screws to attach the antenna to the mount. The center of the mount is open to allow for the antenna to be connected to a wide variety of system setups, such as cabling or pluming. The fixture is designed and fabricated by using durable and microwave friendly plastic material to offer maximum mechanical strength and minimum signal interference.
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Technical Details

Flange5.7" Diameter