2 Way In-line Power Divider

26.5 to 40 GHz, 20 dB Port Isolation, WR-28 Waveguide, Ka-Band
SWP-27340302-28-E1-3 is a full band WR-28, 2-way power divider that operates from 26.5 to 40 GHz. The power divider offers a typical insertion loss of 0.3 dB and typical Isolation of 20 dB. All ports are well-balanced and in-phase for power dividing or combining applications across the band. The power divider is configured as an inline package with WR-28 waveguides and UG-599/U compatible flanges at all ports. The input or output port orientation can be converted from a H-plane to E-plane configuration by installing Eravant’s standard compact 90? twist, model SWB-28090-TB-C. A right angle, 2-way configuration is offered under model SWP-27340302-28-S1. Other power splitting options, such as 4-way, 8-way, and 16-way division, are available for both right-angle and inline configurations under different model numbers.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency26.5 GHz
Maximum Frequency40 GHz
Insertion Loss0.3 dB
Port Isolation20 dB
Power Unbalance±0.3 dB
Input/Output Return Loss20 dB
Power Division2 Way
ConfigurationIn-line (180°)
Input/Output PortsWR-28 WG