K-Band FMCW Integrated Radar Sensor, Limited Run

24.125 GHz,+20 dBm Transmitting Power, 22 dBi TX Antenna Gain
This is a Limited Run model, so inventory may not be restocked. Customers who anticipate long-term requirements should contact us for an alternative model. Read more about Limited Run Products here.

SSD-24307-2216M-A1 is a single-transmit, dual-receive ranging sensor that can be used in CW, FSK, or FMCW modes. The sensor uses a 24 GHz voltage controlled oscillator with a high quality PLL IC to generate the desired signal with an internal reference signal of 100 MHz to cover the frequency range of 24.00 to 24.25 GHz. This sensor has an analog TX power control, but digital TX power controls are available upon request. The RX to IF gain is digitally controlled and adjustable over a range of 40 dB nominally. The sensor operates on 3.3V logic inputs.
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Technical Details

RF Center Frequency24.125 GHz
TX Power+12 to +27 dBm
Antenna Gain22 dBi TX, 16 dBi RX
3 dB BW (H x V)12° x 12° TX, 12° x 5° RX
DC Bias+5.5 VDC/280 mA