Quad-Ridged Dual-Polarized Conical Horn Antenna with Radome

12 dBi Gain, 4 to 24 GHz, 30 dB Isolation, SMA (F)
SAC-0432431230-SF-S4-DP-RD is a quad ridge dual polarized conical horn antenna with radome that operates from 4 to 24 GHz. The antenna offers a 12 dBi nominal gain, a typical half power beamwidth of 40 degrees on the E plane and 30 degrees on the H plane at the center frequency of 14 GHz. The nominal side lobe levels are -12 dB or lower. The horn antenna is equipped with SMA(F) connectors to support both linear and circular polarized waveforms vertically and horizontally. Other antenna ports such as K connectors are available under a different model numbers. The main application of the horn is being used as a feed horn for large reflector antennas.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency4 GHz
Maximum Frequency24 GHz
Gain12 dBi
3 dB Beamwidth, E-plane40°
3 dB Beamwidth, H-plane30°
Isolation30 dB
Return Loss10 dB
Antenna PortsSMA (F)