Digital Controlled Electrical Attenuator

1 to 6 GHz, 63 dB Attenuation, SMA (F) RF Ports, MICRO-D9 (M) Bias Port
SKA-0130634563-SFSF-D4 is an broadband digitally controlled electrical attenuator operating from 1 to 6 GHz. The attenuator exhibits 4.5 dB typical insertion loss and offers 63 dB nominal attenuation control range in 1 dB steps under an 6-bit digital control. The control speed of the attenuator is typically 200 ns. The RF input and output ports are female SMA coax connectors, and a male Micro-D9 port is employed for providing the control signal and DC bias.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency1 GHz
Maximum Frequency6 GHz
Insertion Loss4.5 dB
Attenuation63 dB
DC Voltage Supply+5 V
DC Current50 mA
Switching Speed1µs
RF PortSMA (F)