2.92 mm (F) Coaxial Power Limiter

0.5 to 45 GHz, +36 dBm Maximum Limiting Power, +18 dBm Leakage Power, 2.5 dB Insertion Loss
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SKL-0524531836-KFKF-D1-M is an electrical limiter that utilizes a high-performance GaAs Schottky diode MMIC chip to offer high performance power-limiting function. The limiter can limit input power up to +36 dBm to a maximum leakage power of +18 dBm to protect any power sensitive components, such as mixers, low noise amplifiers, switches etc. from possible power damage. The limiter supports wide band operation from 0.5 to 45 GHz and offers a typical insertion loss of 2.5 dB. The limiter is a passive device and requires no DC power. The RF connectors are female 2.92 mm connectors. Other port configurations, such as in-line waveguide interfaces with Uni-Guide™ technology are readily available under different model numbers.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency0.5 GHz
Maximum Frequency45 GHz
Insertion Loss2.5 dB
Return Loss10 dB
Leakage Power+18 dBm
Maximum Limiting Power+36 dBm
Input Port2.92 mm Female
Output Port2.92 mm Female