Journal and Conference Papers

Full-Band Millimeter Wave Waveguide Magic Tees and Power Dividers for Manufacturing Ability

The newly developed magic tee and power divider have shown good performance for full band coverage with high production yields in manufacturing environments.

Modular and Scalable Millimeter-Wave Patch Array Antenna for 5G MIMO and Beamforming

Phased array antenna for 5G MIMO and beamforming using modular radiation element is proposed in this paper, which can be readily scaled up for massive MIMO applications.

Robust Contactless Waveguide Flange for Fast Measurements

In this paper we present a contactless flange that can be used at millimeter-wave (mmW) and terahertz (THz) frequencies. Unlike conventional waveguide flanges, the contactless flange can be used to perform fast measurements because normal flange screws are not required.

Low Cost Ka-Band Transmitter for CubeSat Systems

CubeSat platforms grow increasingly popular in commercial ventures as alternative solutions for global Internet networks, deep space exploration, and aerospace research endeavors.

White Papers

Making Millimeter-Wave Technology More Accessible

This article reviews significant improvements in the areas of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mm-wave components, novel waveguide connectors for lower-cost packaging, and contactless waveguide flanges that can streamline the measurement of waveguide components.

Frequency Extenders Elavate Network Analyzers to MM-Wave Capability

Eravant (Torrance, CA) offers a series of frequency extender systems covering waveguide bands from 50 to 170 GHz (Fig. 1). Precision calibration kits with NIST traceability are also available.

Harnessing Smaller Wavelengths to Capture Growing Opportunities

For many years Eravant, formerly SAGE Millimeter, (Torrance, CA) has been investing heavily to build up its expertise and inventories, encompassing a wide expanse of coaxial and waveguide components that span frequencies from DC to over 300 GHz.

MM-Wave Antenna Solutions

Eravant offers various millimeter wave antennas in the frequency range of 8.2 to 325 GHz for millimeter-wave radar, communication, antenna ranges, and many system applications.

Product Features

Contactless Waveguide Flange Enables Faster Measurements

Applications continue to expand for mmWave and THz frequencies in aerospace, military, industrial and consumer markets. The result is increasing demand for faster and more reliable methods of testing waveguide components.

Integrated Dual Polarized Scalar Horn Antenna Covers 24–42 GHz

Eravant, formerly SAGE Millimeter's model SAF-2434231535-358-S1-280-DP is a dual polarized, scalar, feed horn antenna assembly that covers all 5G frequency bands in the range from 24 to 42 GHz.

23 t0 44 GHz OMT Supports 5G FR2 Bands

Antennas serve a crucial role in any radar and communication system. In the 5G mmWave bands, they will be used to simultaneously transmit and receive data from millions of connected devices in dense urban environments.

27 to 32 GHz, 4 W Linear Power Amplifier for 5G

SAGE Millimeter’s engineers have developed a 4 W linear, Ka-Band power amplifier to help its clients reach 5G.

Ka-Band Digital Attenuator

Digitally controlled attenuators are the key components in communication, radar, instrumentation and automatic test systems.

K-Band FMCW Ranging Sensor Modules

Microwave sensor modules are key components in any radar system. The industry is continuously seeking low cost and high performance sensors for target speed, direction and ranging measurement for both commercial and military applications.

Waveguide Noise Figure and Gain Test Extenders

Many system integrators are recognizing the increasing number of commercial and consumer applications for the millimeterwave frequency spectrum.


5G and Millimeterwave

When fully developed, the 5G wireless network is estimated to support 1,000-fold gains in capacity, connections for at least 100 billion devices, and a 10 Gb/s individual user experience with near-zero response times.

The Emerging Millimeterwave Measurement Frontier

Millimeterwave (mmW) technology has been identified as one of the key technologies for 5G and many other exciting markets in the commercial space.

Millimeter-wave: Its Past, Present and Future

The millimeter-wave spectrum has many advantages over its lower-frequency microwave counterpart. Wide accepted to comprise 30 to 300 GHz, millimeter-wave offers smaller wavelength and wider bandwidth.

Microwave Journal

"mmWave 5G, and the transformation it will unlock, has accelerated our growth by commercializing the market for our products. Industries that directly support mmWave 5G development and deployment, like telecommunications and test and measurement, are our most active customer segments."