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"mmWave 5G, and the transformation it will unlock, has accelerated our growth by commercializing the market for our products. Industries that directly support mmWave 5G development and deployment, like telecommunications and test and measurement, are our most active customer segments."


Millimeter-wave: Its Past, Present and Future

The millimeter-wave spectrum has many advantages over its lower-frequency microwave counterpart. Wide accepted to comprise 30 to 300 GHz, millimeter-wave offers smaller wavelength and wider bandwidth.

Tech Briefs

Harnessing Smaller Wavelengths to Capture Growing Opportunities

For many years Eravant, formerly SAGE Millimeter, (Torrance, CA) has been investing heavily to build up its expertise and inventories, encompassing a wide expanse of coaxial and waveguide components that span frequencies from DC to over 300 GHz.

Product Features

Integrated Dual Polarized Scalar Horn Antenna Covers 24–42 GHz

Eravant, formerly SAGE Millimeter's model SAF-2434231535-358-S1-280-DP is a dual polarized, scalar, feed horn antenna assembly that covers all 5G frequency bands in the range from 24 to 42 GHz.

White Papers

Modular and Scalable Millimeter-Wave Patch Array Antenna for 5G MIMO and Beamforming

Phased array antenna for 5G MIMO and beamforming using modular radiation element is proposed in this paper, which can be readily scaled up for massive MIMO applications.