Vector Network Analyzer Waveguide Calibration Kit

WR-22, Q-Band, 33 to 50 GHz
STQ-TO-22-S1-CKIT1 is a metrology grade Q-band waveguide vector network analyzer (VNA) calibration kit designed to work with industry standard network analyzers in the frequency range of 33 to 50 GHz. The calibration kit consists of one fixed short, one fixed matching load, waveguide shims (⅛ λg, ¼ λg, ⅜ λg offsets), two waveguide quick connects, ten 3/32 hex head waveguide screws, six 3/32 hex head extended waveguide screws, four alignment dowel pins, a 3/32” hex waveguide screw driver and one calibration data USB drive. The calibration kit is collected in a ruggedized box and is an ideal higher perfomance metrology grade calibration set for VNA system calibrations. The calibration kit can be offered with NIST traceable calibration data and certification for an added fee.
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Technical Details

Frequency Range33 to 50 GHz
Components IncludedMetrology Fixed Short
Metrology Fixed Waveguide Load
Metrology ⅛ Wavelength Offset
Metrology ¼ Wavelength Offset
Metrology ⅜ Wavelength Offset
Waveguide Quick Connect, 0.75" Diameter Flange
Waveguide Screws, 3/32 Hex Head
Extended Waveguide Screws, 3/32 Hex Head
Alignment Dowel Pins
Waveguide Screw Driver, 3/32 Hex Head
Calibration Data, USB Drive
Electrical SpecificationsFixed Load VSWR:1.06:1 Max
Fixed Load Power Handling:0.2 Watts Max