Broadband Reflective SPDT Solid State Switch

75 to 110 GHz, 30 dB Isolation, 1.0 mm Female
SKD-7531144530-1F1F-R1-M is a MMIC based, solid state single pole, double throw (SPDT), reflective type switch with a TTL driver that operates between 75 and 110 GHz. This model offers a small form factor by integrating the switch and driver into a common housing and achieves a low insertion loss by minimizing circuit loss transmission losses. The SPDT switch offers 30 dB port-to-port isolation with a typical switching speed of 100 nanoseconds. The input and output connectors of the switch are 1.0 mm female. Other connector options, such as WR-10 waveguide, is offered under model number of SKD-7531143530-1010-R1-M.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency75 GHz
Maximum Frequency110 GHz
Insertion Loss4.5 dB
Isolation30 dB
RF Input Power+30 dBm
Bias±5 VDC/10 mA
Switching Speed100 ns
Switch TypeReflective
RF Port1.0 mm Female