U-Band Wide Mechanical Tuning-Bandwidth Gunn Oscillator with Isolator

50 GHz, ±6 GHz Tuning Bandwidth, +17 dBm Output Power, WR-19 Waveguide
SOF-1917-MI is a U-Band, wide mechanical tuning bandwidth Gunn oscillator that utilizes a high performance GaAs Gunn diode and proprietary cavity design to deliver +17 dBm typical power with low AM/FM noise and harmonic emissions. The oscillator has a center frequency of 50 GHz and a mechanical tuning range of ±6 GHz. Compared to its multiplier based counterparts, the Gunn oscillator is a lower cost alternative and a cleaner source. In addition, this model features an integrated isolator to achieve a more stable performance. By adding a Gunn oscillator modulator/regulator and temperature heater, the performance of the oscillator can be enhanced even further.
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Technical Details

Center Frequency50 GHz
Output Power+17 dBm
Mechanical Tuning Range±6 GHz
Bias+4.2 VDC/700 mA
RF PortWR-19 Waveguide