U-Band Magic Tee

40 to 60 GHz, 30 dB Sum and Difference Port Isolation, 20 dB Collinear Port Isolation, WR-19 Waveguide
SWM-40360320-19-SB is a U band magic tee that covers the frequency range of 40 to 57 GHz. This magic tee is a four-port hybrid coupler and/or power divider with two collinear arms, an E-plane (difference) arm, and an H-plane (sum) arm. The magic tee offers a 0.3 dB nominal insertion loss and high isolation between the two collinear arms and between the sum and difference arms. All waveguide ports have standard WR-19 waveguides with UG-383/U-M anti-cocking flanges.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency40 GHz
Maximum Frequency60 GHz
Insertion Loss0.30 dB
Isolation, Sum and Difference Ports30 dB
Isolation, Collinear Ports20 dB
Return Loss15 dB
Magic Tee TypeSplit-Block
Sum and Difference PortsWR-19 WG
Collinear PortsWR-19 WG