Ka-Band Dual Channel Long Range Ranging Sensor Heads

35 GHz,+17 dBm Transmitting Power, 29 dBi Antenna Gain
SSS-35317-29L-D1 is Ka Band, lens antenna-based Doppler sensor head that is designed and manufactured for long range measurements of a moving target's speed and direction. The sensor head has a center frequency of 35 GHz and takes a nominal bias of +5.0 VDC/350 mA. The sensor heads are configured with a lens corrected antenna, T/R diplexer, a dual channel (I/Q) receiver and a transmitter/receiver oscillator in an integrated package. Sensor heads with a single receiver are offered under model number SSS-35317-29L-S1 and can only detect the speed of a moving target.
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Technical Details

RF Center Frequency35 GHz
TX Power+17 dBm
Antenna Gain29 dBi
3 dB BW
PolarizationRH Circular
DC Bias+5 VDC/350 mA