Ka-Band Dual Channel, Bias Pin Long Range Speed Sensor Head

35 GHz, +10 dBm Transmitting Power, 22 dBi Antenna Gain
SSS-35310-22L-D2 is Ka Band lens antenna-based Doppler sensor head that is designed and manufactured for long range moving target speed and direction detection applications. The operation frequency of the sensor head is at 35 GHz. The sensor head is configured with a lens corrected antenna, a T/R diplexer, a low noise RF amplifier, an I/Q receiver, an IF amplifier, and a TX/RX oscillator in an integrated package. Sensor heads with a single receiver are offered under model number SSS-35310-22L-S1, which can only detect the speed and the range of a moving or stationary target.
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Technical Details

RF Center Frequency35 GHz
TX Power+10 dBm
Antenna Gain22 dBi
3 dB BW (H x V)12° x 12°
PolarizationRH Circular
DC Bias+5.5 VDC/350 mA