WR-28 Waveguide Bandpass Filter

35.5 to 36 GHz Passband, 40 dB Rejection from DC to 34 GHz and 37.5 to 45 GHz, Ka-Band
SWF-36315240-28-B1 is a Ka band waveguide bandpass filter with a passband frequency from 35.5 to 36 GHz as well as rejection frequencies from DC to 34 GHz and 37.5 to 45 GHz. The nominal insertion loss of the bandpass filter is 1.5 dB and the typical rejection is 40 dB. Since both low end and high end cut off frequencies can be selected by modifying the design, custom designs are available under different model numbers.
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Technical Details

Minimum Passband Frequency35.5 GHz
Maximum Passband Frequency36 GHz
Minimum Rejection Frequency, Low SideDC
Maximum Rejection Frequency, Low Side34 GHz
Minimum Rejection Frequency, High Side37.5 GHz
Maximum Rejection Frequency, High Side45 GHz
Rejection40 dB
Waveguide PortWR-28 Waveguide