1.85 mm (F) Bias Tee

30 kHz to 85 GHz, 500 mA DC Current, 25 dB Isolation
SCV-000853402505-VFVF-U3 is a bias tee that operates from 30 kHz to 85 GHz. The bias tee offers 4.0 dB typical insertion loss and 7 dB typical return loss. The bias tee can handle up to +25 VDC bias voltage and 500 mA current. The RF ports are equipped with 1.85 mm V(F) connectors. Other connector types are available under different model numbers.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency30 kHz
Maximum Frequency85 GHz
Insertion Loss4 dB
Return Loss7 dB
DC Voltage+25 VDC
DC Current500 mA
Power Handling1 W
Input Port1.85 mm Female
Output Port1.85 mm Female
DC PortSMA Female