Specialized Omnidirectional Antenna Mounting Fixture

3", Q-Band
SAX-MEQ1125-C1 is a 3” diameter mounting fixture designed specifically for mounting the WR-22 omnidirectional antenna with UG-383/U flange. It features UG-383/U circular flange on top and bottom to allow connection with omni-directional antenna and compatible accessories such as waveguide to coax adapters, waveguide straight, bend and twists etc. The fixture is designed with a removable magnetic base and a standard ¼-20 threaded hole for either a bolt-free mount on a metal surface or on convenient tripod mounting. In addition to magnetic base and tripod mounting, the fixture also features eight 4-40 threaded holes for mounting if the magnetic base is removed. The fixture is designed and fabricated with durable and microwave friendly plastic material to offer minimum reflection.
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Technical Details

FlangeWR-22 WG UG-383/U Flange