X3 Active Frequency Multiplier

28 to 32 GHz, +18 dBm Output Power, WR-28 Waveguide, Ka-Band
SFA-283323318-28SF-S1 is an active X3 frequency multiplier. The multiplier triples the input signal of 9.33 to 10.66 GHz at +10 dBm to yield an output signal of 28.0 to 32.0 GHz at +18 dBm. The harmonic suppression of the mulitiplier is -20 dBc typical. The DC power requirement for the multiplier is +8 VDC at 350 mA. The input port of this model is a female SMA connector and the output port is a WR-28 waveguide with a UG-599/U flange. It is a right angle configuration. Other port configurations, such as in-line, are also available under different model numbers.

Your application may require a heatsink. Visit our Heatsink Blog for assistance with choosing an appropriate heatsink for use with this model.
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Technical Details

Minimum Output Frequency28 GHz
Maximum Output Frequency32 GHz
Output Power+18 dBm
Minimum Input Frequency9.33 GHz
Maximum Input Frequency10.66 GHz
Input Power+10 dBm
DC Bias+8 VDC/350 mA
Output PortWR-28 WG
Input PortSMA (F)