Ka-Band Orthomode Transducer, Limited Run

26.5 to 40 GHz, 40 dB Isolation, 35 dB Cross Polarization, 0.280" x 0.280" Square Waveguide
This is a Limited Run model, so inventory may not be restocked. Customers who anticipate long-term requirements should consider SAT-343-28028-S1 as an alternative solution. Read more about Limited Run Products here.

SAT-FA-28028-S1-1 is a full band, WR-28 Ka-Band orthomode transducer (OMT) that operates between 26.5 and 40 GHz. The OMT separates a circular or elliptical polarized waveform into two linear, orthogonal waveforms or combines two linear polarized waveforms into one circular or elliptical polarized waveform or vice versa. The Ka-Band OMT also supports either vertical or horizontal polarized waveguide forms with more than 30 dB cross polarization rejections. The OMT shows high port isolation while providing a low insertion loss. The WR-28 waveguide Ka-Band OMT is configured with a 0.280" x 0.280" square waveguide for the antenna port and two WR-28 waveguides for the horizontal and vertical ports. All ports have standard UG-599/U flanges with 4-40 threaded holes.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency26.5 GHz
Maximum Frequency40 GHz
Insertion Loss, Antenna to V Port0.5 dB
Insertion Loss, Antenna to H Port0.5 dB
Isolation40 dB
Cross Polarization35 dB
Antenna Port0.280" x 0.280" Square WG
Horizontal and Vertical PortsWR-28 WG