3-Port Waveguide Directional Coupler

22 to 33 GHz, 6 dB Coupling, 40 dB Directivity, WR-34 Waveguide
SWD-0640H-34-SB is a WR-34, three-port waveguide directional coupler that delivers a 6 dB nominal coupling level and 40 dB typical directivity across the full waveguide band from 22 to 33 GHz. The three-port coupler uses a traditional multi-hole and split block design to achieve a flat coupling level, high directivity, and low insertion loss. The interfaces of the coupler are WR-34 waveguides with UG-1530/U flanges. Custom coupling levels are available under different model numbers.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency22 GHz
Maximum Frequency33 GHz
Insertion Loss0.5 dB
Coupling6.0 dB
Directivity40 dB
Return Loss25 dB
Coupler Type3-Port Multi-hole, Split-block
RF PortsWR-34 WG