WR-34 Manual Waveguide Switch, E-Plane

22 to 33 GHz, 45 dB Isolation, WR-34 Waveguide
SWJ-34-M1 is a WR-34 manual switch that covers the frequency range of 22 to 33 GHz. It is an E-plane switch that has four ports which allows four switching positions, two through and two adjacent paths. The switch is a bi-directional, multi-path device which allows clockwise and anti-clockwise switching between two through ports and two adjacent ports. The typical insertion loss and isolation are 0.2 dB and 45 dB, respectively. The RF ports are WR-34 waveguides with UG-1530/U flanges. The H-plane version of the switch is offered under model SWJ-34-M1-H.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency22 GHz
Maximum Frequency33 GHz
Insertion Loss0.2 dB
Isolation45 dB
Return Loss20 dB
Cycle Time500,000
Power Handling100 W (CW)
RF PortsWR-34 Waveguide