WR-04 Band Compact Level Setting Attenuator

170 to 260 GHz, 0 to 30 dB, WR-04 Waveguide
Availability:1 to 2 Weeks ARO
STA-30-04-M1-C-1.2 is a WR-04 compact level setting attenuator that covers the frequency range from 170 to 260 GHz. The attenuator features a precision micrometer dial which allows for stable, repeatable settings. The level setting attenuator is an ideal piece of equipment in waveguide systems where broadband level setting is required. The attenuator exhibits 2.3 dB typical insertion loss and up to 30 dB nominal attenuation value across the entire operating bandwidth. The other attenuator types, such as direct reading, programmable and fixed tuned attenuators are also available under different model numbers.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency170 GHz
Maximum Frequency260 GHz
Attenuation0 to 30 dB
Return Loss20 dB
Power Handling0.1 W
RF PortWR-04 Waveguide
Attenuator TypeLevel Setting