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D-Band Linear to Circular Polarizer, Product Discontinued

144 GHz Center, 1.15 Axial Ratio, 0.075" Diameter Circular Waveguide
This product has been improved and is now listed as SAS-144-07506-F1-3. Read more about Limited Run Products here.

SAS-144-07506-F1-2 is a D band, linear to circular polarizer that operates at 144 GHz with a ±15 GHz bandwidth. The polarizer offers a typical insertion loss of 1.5 dB, an axial ratio of 1.15, and a return loss of 20 dB, respectively. The polarizer is fixed and can be used for either right-handed or left-handed polarization depending on the direction of the input signal. The polarizer is often combined with Eravant’s rectangular to circular waveguide transition (SWT-06075-SB) and WR-06 conical horn antenna (SAC-2309-075-S2) for various system applications.
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Technical Details

Center Frequency144 GHz
Bandwidth±15 GHz
Insertion Loss1.5 dB
Axial Ratio1.15
Return Loss20 dB
Input/Output0.075" Diameter Circular Waveguide