D-Band Scalar Network Analyzer Frequency Extender

110 to 170 GHz, 20 dB IL Dynamic Range, 10 dB RL Dynamic Range, WR-06 Waveguide
Availability:6 to 8 Weeks ARO
STN-SF906-00-D2 is a D-band scalar network analyzer extender that extends low frequency scalar network analyzers to 110 to 170 GHz. The extender offers a low cost means of producing D-band measurements while preserving the functionality and features of standard models. The extender is constructed with Eravant's high performance millimeterwave frequency extender (STE-SF906-00-S1), direct reading attenuator (STA-60-06-D1), directional coupler (SWD-1040H-06-SB), and waveguide detectors (STD-06SF-NI).
ECCN: 3A001.b.7.c.1
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Technical Details

Minimum Output Frequency110 GHz
Maximum Output Frequency170 GHz
Output Power-3 dBm
Minimum Input Frequency12.22 GHz
Maximum Input Frequency18.89 GHz
Input Power+5 dBm
Dynamic Range (IL, RL)20 dB, 10 dB
DC Bias+8 VDC/550 mA
RF Output PortWR-06 WG