2.92 mm Coaxial Noise Source with TTL and Trigger Switch

500 MHz to 40 GHz, 18 dB ENR, 2.92 mm (M)
STZ-05240318-KM-0T2 is a coaxial noise source that delivers 18 dB nominal ENR across the frequency range of 500 MHz to 40 GHz. The RF port uses a 2.92 mm (M) connector and the DC bias port is equipped with a BNC (F) connector, which is readily available for standard noise figure meter and noise figure analyzer interfaces. The noise source is designed with improved port return loss for more reliable and accurate noise figure measurements. The noise source can work also in either CW or pulse AM mode up to 1 kHz depending on the driving signal. The noise source features a TTL triggering signal port for automatic test systems and a toggle switch to manually turn the module on and off.
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Technical Details

Minimum Frequency500 MHz
Maximum Frequency40 GHz
ENR18 dB
ENR Flatness±2 dB
AM Modulation Rate1 kHz
Return Loss15 dB
DC Bias+28 VDC/30 mA
RF Output2.92 mm (M)